You Cant Say Dallas Doesnt Love You – Curtains – Single Review

Yet another new band for me to discover here with “You Cant Say Dallas Doesn’t Love You”, Their various social media pages don’t really say a lot about them so I was going in pretty blind – should that be going in deaf ? I mean its very much a sound thing not a vision thing – I did, in the course of my research, happen to stumble on the fact that the phrase “you cant say Dallas doesn’t love you” was apparently the last words said to JFK, so I know that now, see you can learn things from music.

Anyway, on to the song, Its a nice little Indie power pop tune this one, it starts with some nice jangly very indie sounding guitar chords with just enough crunch on them to give it a bit of bite and an energetic pace to it. Its a promising opening few chords that are quickly joined by a nice driving groove from the rhythm section and a simple but catchy and effective vocal melody. The song drives along at a decent pace and then drops out nicely with a very effective change of pace and dynamics into a more atmospheric section that builds nicely back up in to that chorus melody. I’m calling it a chorus, its just the catchiest bit, this song doesn’t follow that much of a traditional song structure, the dropout sections sort of serve as a verse and the rest of the song is pretty much all chorus apart from one section, but at only 2 minutes 16 long that works perfectly well. There’s a middle 8 section in the song that gets a little bit noisier with a bit more dirt on everything as the song switches to a more powerful driving rhythm that serves as a nice contrast to the rest of the song without being too different and is used to great effect.

Its a good tune this, I have a feeling that catchy chorus will be with me for the rest of the day, its jangly energetic indie pop that sounds like it should be played outside in the sunshine. I approve muchly, good work guys

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