Lost Tuesday Society – Devil in a B&B – single review

Lost Tuesday Society Society have been around the scene for a few years now and are well established as one of the best bands around Swansea, if you havn’t caught them live I don’t know where you’ve been hiding but as soon as you get the chance make sure you go and do just that. The 6 piece blend rock, folk and various other influences in to a big and powerful live show that’s equally at home in small intimate venues and on big festival stages, so make sure they’re on your must see list.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about live shows, they’ve just released the first single from their upcoming second album, which I am most looking forward to, so lets talk about that.

“Devil in a B&B” is the first official taster of Lost Tuesday Society’s much anticipated second album and having heard it live a few times I was looking forward to seeing what they’ve done with the recorded version of it, and I’m pleased to report that with the help of Joe Gibb and the guys at Mwnci studios they’ve done a bloody good job of it. The song opens with a nice simple guitar pattern with a nice bit of a swing feel to it which is enhanced when a nice nice rolling drum groove just adds more of that feel to it, its a duet pretty much all the way through this song with Alfie and Sarah’s vocals complimenting each other nicely and lots more vocals adding to the choruses taking things up to another level. The song builds nicely as it goes on and the guys work the dynamics of the song really well. Its a subtle build most of the way through with some nice violin parts accenting the song at appropriate points and a lovely vocal only dropout and build in to a heavier more “rock” ending sequence with a tasty little drop in to a half time groove right at the end, regular readers -if there are any of you – will know that being a drummer I’m a sucker for these kind of things, but people should never underestimate the difference a subtle – or not so subtle – change in the groove can make.

Its a great tune this and perfect for the sunny weather I’m looking out of my window at, it sounds like it should be being played live and loud at a festival while I drink an overpriced pint from a plastic glass in glorious sunshine, but then Lost Tuesday Society are that kind of band, its festival music, big sound, big band, big performance, and I cant wait to hear the rest of this album

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