Holy Home Video – Road Beers – Single Review

Holy Home Video have been around on the Swansea scene for a few years now, I’ve only caught them live a couple of times but always been impressed by what the do, its not the usual “rock gigs” I go to that my mother wouldn’t like, but they are undoubtedly very good at what they do. They’re a duo that do well written acoustic pop with country / Americana leanings and they nail some great harmonies, which is usually the thing that impresses me the most about this pair. They sent me a copy of their newest single “Road Beers” which is apparently the first thing they’ve released since 2018, so lets give it a listen.

Holy Home Video are very much sticking with their so far successful formula here, acoustic guitar starts us off and as always its dual vocal right from the off and there’s those lovely harmonies again, its a good little tune this, its drenched in nostalgia reminiscing about meeting with friends going to gigs and of course drinking those road beers. It’s very summery sounding and it may just be because its a sunny day out right now but I’m getting big festival vibes off this one, it sounds like the kind of thing that would make me stop at the acoustic tent as I wander past with an overpriced, under chilled beer in a plastic glass. As often with Holy Home Video there’s no percussion on this tune at all, which being a drummer myself makes me wonder what they’d sound like with the addition of a rhythm section to crank the energy levels and work the dynamics even more. Not that they don’t work the dynamics well, they’ve done a great job in putting the song together so that the vocal melody lifts the song where appropriate and the song itself builds nicely towards the end relying almost entirely on the vocal talents of both band members for the dynamic lifts, luckily they are pretty blessed in this department and pull it off to great effect with the song building nicely as it reaches its finale.

Its a good summery tune this one, harking back to happier times but in a positive way, simple but catchy with some really nice vocals on it, with that nice poppy acoustic vibe Holy Home Video are getting themselves known for, good work guys

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