Buffalo Boy – Rabbit – Single Review

Buffalo Boy is definitely new to me, apparently its a project all written recorded and produced by one man, its always interesting to see what people come up with when left entirely to their own devices – I’ve always been in bands so everybody gets some sort of input even when there’s one main songwriter. There’s not much info about Buffalo boy on his social media’s so I was going I to this one not knowing what to expect and what I got was a refreshing breeze of trippy indie dance pop – at least that’s the the simplest explanation of this single “Rabbit”

The song opens with a a rising swirling looping guitar that seems to have a slight phase effect on it, which is always guaranteed to make things sound more trippy, it has a light simple groove on the drums that sort of latches on to that swirling rhythm as the guitars settle in to a slightly straighter rhythm, which keeps the song going forwards, its not exactly going at a relentless pace but there’s definitely a forward motion to this song in a light breezy summers afternoon walking through the park with headphones on sort of way. Its nice and light and relaxing, very dream like. The vocals when they come are very low in the mix and drenched in reverbs and delays, which only adds to that dreamy feel of the tune, there’s a slight change in rhythm as the vocals come in as well that opens the song up nicely, between that and the vocal melody it kind of sound like if the stone roses got really really high and recorded a laid back trippy dance track, its quite nice this tune though. According to Buffalo Boy’s bandcamp his EP is due out “Spring 2020” if the rest of it has a similar vibe to this song then hats the perfect time to release this, after all that’s usually when we get the nicest weather in Swansea and this tune definitely has a warm sunny vibe to it. If trippy psychedelic indie dance music sounds like it might be your kind of thing, go check out Buffalo Boy because this is a fine example of it.

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