Windshake – Windshake Two – ep review

Its been a while since I heard anything from Windshake , but apparently they’re now based up in that there Bristol, which would explain why really, also they’ve been hard at work writing and recording they’re new EP the imaginatively titled “Windshake two” a very “does what it says on the tin” if nothing else.

I’ve always thought Windshake sounded and looked very “60’s” as if they’d been more influenced by their parents record collection rather than anything offered to them by friends of a similar age – apologies to any Windshake parents reading this if I just made you feel old. This new EP certainly carries on with that retro vibe, opening track “must have been young” kicks in with a punchy guitar riff that certainly has a jangly guitar sound to it that could be straight off any album recorded in the late 60’s or early 70’s its all very Lo-Fi production but that very much suits the band, the song settles in to a more driving bluesy sounding section for a few bars before the heavily reverbed vocals kick in that sounds like it was recorded in about 1969 and we’re back that more punchy guitar part as the drums roll and flow behind it, they’re quite busy drum parts but the suit the song and fill in the spaces left by the guitars nicely, I cant honestly say the chorus jumps out and grabs me on this song but it is a nicely put together tune switching from the janglier parts to the more driving bluesy section with a simple but effective vocal melody tying it together.

Track two on this EP is a more sedate affair which is a nice contrast to the opener, its still very much in the same ballpark although it kicks of with a nice keyboard part with a nice sort of fender rhodes sound before the song drops in to a gentler groove with some nice laid back guitar and vocals in the verses, the song builds nicely as it slowly grooves on towards the half time chorus, its a bit more psychedelic sounding in the chorus this one, which is a word I’ve often heard other people use to describe Windhsake and certainly agree with to an extent, after working the dynamics well to drop in to a second verse and chorus the song builds nicely to what seems like its gonna be a big ending but then leaves the listener wanting more as it sounds a bit like there’s another part coming, it works perfectly well as an ending but but I can only imagine it comes off a lot better live than on record.

Fourth track “Why Were they Playing” is a bit more of a straight rocker with a stomping guitar driven intro and some nice flowing drums drums grooving away once the song kicks in – there’s some nice but subtle hi-hat parts going on I that verse groove as well, most people probably wont notice that but as a fully paid up member of the drummers union its important that I point these things out as they do add a lot to the feel of the song. Its a good tune this one, probably my favourite so far, its got some catchy guitar parts, the rhythm section drives the song along nicely and there’s some nice transitional parts between verses and choruses all with a nice vocal melody over the top that whilst not jumping out sits well in the mix and adds to the song. I guess if I had one criticism its that the vocals sometimes seem to blend in to the mix a bit too much, I’d like to hear more of them, the tune is catchy its just difficult to make out the actual words, which I’d like to be able to do.

“she’s a queen” is the last of four tracks on this EP and we’re dropping down a notch or two in energy again as it starts with a nice picked guitar part with a more ethereal feel to it almost, its a gentle ending to the EP a bit like the sort of come down from the party of the first three tracks. There’s not much else on the track other than guitar and vocals and it sounds like there’s a some simple piano chords backing the guitar part at the end, still the song builds nicely if subtly with the addition of these an some nice backing vocals towards the end, its a good outro piece for the EP.

“Windshake 2” is a good set of tunes for people in to that retro 60’s vibe, it reminds me of bands like the Kinks, its a bit psychedelic at points but that doesn’t overwhelm some good songwriting and some good musicianship, these boys can put a decent tune together, go have a listen to “windshake 2”

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