Peter Greene / Good Boye – Splt single

Peter Greene are a band I’ve reviewed and seen live before, they play proper fuzzed up stoner rock, nice grooves, heavy guitars, simple catchy melodies. They got in touch with me again recently about a split single they’ve done with some friends theirs in a band called Good Boye who I’ve never heard of before but judging by the company they’re keeping I’m expecting something nice. Its good to see bands helping each other out in an old school style, Split EP’s / double a side split singles tend to be a thing of the past these days what with the majority of stuff being released digitally and often not even available in physical form so its nice throwback, and they’ve even put it out on vinyl with a track each side as well, nice.

So I’ll start with what I know and talk about the Peter Greene single “Medication” first, it starts a little different to what I expected, in that it kicks off with just the bass hitting a single note groove, and a lovely sounding fuzzy but still punchy bass it is too, the drums and guitar slide in with a nice drum fill and simple lead guitar part that’s not there for long but sets up the vocal nicely before it disappears and leaves the bass and drums to groove their way nicely through the verse while a simple but nicely sung vocal melody sits on top of the groove, this is all still very much in the stoner groove but more on the laid back side, I’m really liking this so far, but then as I’ve said before I’m a drummer myself so I’m a sucker for a tasty groove. There’s a nice bit of simple heavy guitar “chug” for a build up before they crash in to some full blown heavy stoner riffage for what I guess you’d call the chorus in this song, there’s no vocals on it but its about as close as they get to a traditional chorus, its certainly the biggest sounding section of the song. The second verse carries on with more of that filthy sounding bass groove with the drums locked in nicely and just grooves its way through to that big riffy chorus which they stretch out to the end of the song. If your a fan of simple stoner riff and groove with a nice laid back feel, check this out.

As I said earlier Good Boye are a new band on me and I cant tell you a lot about them as their online presence really doesn’t say much about them at all, so I guess I’ll just talk about the music, I mean that is the most important bit anyway really. The track is called “Too Late” its quite different to the Peter Greene track, its starts off a lot more mellow, there’s a nice atmospheric guitar part that leads us in to the song which has that drenched in reverb sort of sound to it, the vocals and bass come in together with an equally laid back and lazy vibe, in a good way. Its a beautifully sung vocal though that builds towards the chorus nicely as the backing vocals join in and the vocals and guitar get more powerful as the song progresses, this song is very much about building the dynamics and a very good job they’ve done of it as well, it gets bigger and bigger as the song goes on, its lead mostly by the simple but very effective vocal melody with the guitar emphasising the dynamic build. The drums and bass are very much on the simple but effective side, but that’s all the song really needs, there’s some nice builds on the drums but nothing flashy, by the end of this tune its built to a nice crescendo. Its a good simple, dreamily big song that sounds like it should be in a film accompanying the pissed off protagonist walking through the rain on a miserable night wondering what the fuck went wrong, go give it a listen

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