Zed Motel – Domino

Zed Motel – Domino – single review

Zed Motel are a Swansea based 3 piece, They describe them selves as Garage rock, which I would say is a fair description, but possibly one that doesn’t do the production quality of this particular track the justice it deserves. Personally when someone says garage rock to me I imagine a much more Lo-fi production and this definitely doesn’t sound Lo-Fi even with the simple 3 piece line up of Zed Motel , which consists of Drums, Guitar and vocals but no bass, an unusual line up but not as uncommon as you’d think these days really.

So the song “Domino” is the latest single from Zed Motel and starts with a nice guitar amp noise swell for the first few seconds before the drums and guitar smash in properly in to a stomper of a melody with a nice stop start feel and a good groove, I like this drummer, he sounds like he hits the drums properly – I’ve also seen them live and he does, good man. The guitars and drums both sound huge when they come in I don’t know how many layers of guitars are on there but it sounds like a quite a few and they’ve not been wasted, the vocals are simple but full sounding and you can tell they’ve been well recorded, its a repetitive melody, but one that’ll stick with you, I’m liking this so far.

The chorus comes in with a bit more of a flowing melody its a short and sweet change but breaks the song up nicely, it doesn’t so much take the song up a level but more on a slight detour. Its a pretty big sounding song to begin with though, after the second chorus there’s a nice instrumental section with the guitar and drums working the dynamics a lot more, which is always a good thing in my book, they switch between muted guitar parts and that bigger layered guitar sound with crashing drums quite effectively and then of course its one last chorus before the song ends with just the vocal singing the last line of the song, which seems a nice way to end it.

Overall its a stomper of a tune, big sounding guitars and drums and a catchy vocal melody, its written in a way that fits with the garage rock sound they describe themselves as but with a much fuller sound than most would expect from “garage rock” good work guys, hopefully I’ll catch you live again soon

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