Two Til Twelve – Red

Two Til Twelve – Red – single review

This is my first encounter with Two Till Twelve, at least in recorded form anyway although I’m pretty sure I’ve come across them live somewhere before even if I cant quite remember where or when, that’s not necessarily a bad thing by the way I’ve been to a lot of gigs and drank many a beer.

They describe themselves as an “alternative / indie rock band” from listening to this single I’d say its more of the Indie than alternative but I’m not gonna argue with that description really

The song starts all in with bouncy indie style guitar sound and an upbeat lead guitar melody, its simple but catchy, the sort of part you find yourself subconsciously whistling later in the day. They keep the intro short but just long enough for that earworm to bed in and then settle in to the verse with a the guitars carrying on at that jaunty upbeat pace and a nice vocal melody joining the fun its well sung but easy enough to sing a long to with a nice tune to it and a couple of good sing along parts. The chorus sees the song drop to a half time pace which I think works nicely it makes it stand out from the rest of the song well, especially with the guitars going to a more picked style rather than sticking with chords and the drummer playing a more tom based groove, all these things make the song sound bigger and more open for the chorus before the the boys dial up the tempo again and build back towards that more energetic intro / verse combination and we’re back at a more standard foot tapping tempo. After another chorus the song plays us out on a variation of that intro again where they make sure you’ve got that lead guitar melody stuck in your head and throw some vocal lalala’s over it that make the ending sound a bit fuller, much like the start the song ends relatively abruptly, leaving you wondering what’s coming next, in a good way of course.

The song is a 4 minute flurry of bouncy indie energy with catchy vocal and lead guitar parts that’ll linger around in your head afterwards. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it Lo-Fi production but its not “over produced” which is good as I don’t think that would suit the song, its a jangly indie song and its been recorded and produced like one. Having said that of course I’d be interested to hear what this sounds like live with a good sound engineer behind the desk. If you like upbeat indie music with simple catchy melodies go check out Two Till Twelve and give this tune a listen

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