Two Til Twelve -Twenty Days Later

Two Til Twelve – Twenty Days Later – EP Review

This is not my first encounter with Two Til Twelve, I reviewed their single “Red” back in July so its was good to hear from them when they sent me their follow up, EP “Twenty Days Later” they havn’t deviated much from the formula which is probably a good thing, but on first impressions they do sound like they’ve spent a bit more time on this new material, both in writing and in the studio, they recorded with local producer James Weaver at his studio and he’s done a great job on the production of these songs, its a really good full polished sound that still manages to capture the energy of the songs well.

This E.P. Opens nicely with the track “Homecoming” which starts with a nice single guitar and builds well as the drums and other instruments join that simple guitar part and sort of pull you in to the song, its a slower, lighter swinging but still indie groove throughout the verses on this tune but has a nice change of pace when the chorus hits that gives a real sense of urgency compared to the verse, I can imaging this goes down well live, it sounds like it would. There’s a nice change of pace again for the instrumental section that follows the chorus on this tune but it has a lot more of a groove to it than the previous verse and bigger sounding guitars, nice work boys, it keeps the song far more interesting than going back to that first verse, it keeps the energy up but still builds nicely in to that last big chorus, this is a good opening track.

“The Right Way” is the next track up and is more laid back simple affair than the opener, it still has a great catchy melody to it that I reckon could be stuck in my head for a while, of course this is no bad thing, its a simple song with some acoustic guitars filling out the sound nicely, it sounds very much like one of those songs that just comes from jamming away in a practice room and doesn’t need to be over complicated.

Third track up is a goodun’ “Never the Same” opens up with a catchy very “indie” sounding guitar riff and drops in to an equally catchy vocal melody, this song sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place at all at your local indie club night, its a simple catchy well written indie pop song with great guitar and vocal hooks and drums that really drive the song along, its full of energy, again another one I bet goes down really well live, if their thinking of releasing another one of these tracks as a single I’d strongly suggest this one.

The fourth and final track of this E.P. And the one that was released as a single is “Every Second” its a far more atmospheric and emotional sounding song than the others, more of an indie rock ballad almost – at least compared to the rest of the EP. Not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing its just the simplest way of differentiating it from the other tracks. Its big sounding in a more slow and brooding kind of way, its got a different kind of energy to the other tracks and does a nice job of displaying the bands versatility as songwriters, I’m not sure if I can faintly hear some a strings section in there somewhere on this one or if my brain is just filling in the gaps where I think there should be one to make it sound even bigger, either way that should give you some idea of the feel this song generates, its big and swelling in to each part and still has those great catchy vocal melodies.

This debut EP is a great little collection of songs, if your in to catchy well written indie music with big hooks you’ll like this so go check out “Twenty Days later” by Two Til Twelve now

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