Peter Greene – God Help Me

Peter Greene – God Help Me – single review

Peter Greene are a relatively new band on me, although I did catch them at Cinema & co a few months back and thought they’d be worth keeping an eye on. They play sludgy riffy stuff that is very much in the stoner rock genre, think kyuss with more washed out psychedelic vocals covered in reverb, they’re a three piece band with a heavy sound.

This single, they’re first single I think, starts a subtle introduction to the main riff of the song which is mostly carried by the bass in this section, with the drums just playing some hi hat patterns before the song kicks in properly to a bigger louder version of the riff with drums smashing away loud and brash and sounding like they’re being hit as hard as is humanly possible, its a slightly muffled sound though almost but it works for this type of music, just making it sound more “stoner rock” I’m liking it so far. The verse settles in as the guitars chug along and the drums settle to a nice foot tapping tempo occasionally locking in with some bass fills that act as a nice call back to the opening riff, the vocals in the verse are drenched in reverb which just makes them seem a bit more trippy and dream like almost.

The chorus kicks in back with that main riff again but big loud and noisy but with some of those echoing vocals on top and I’m pretty sure I can hear a screaming vocal that sounds like its almost blowing a speaker waaaay down in the mix there somewhere adding a nice bit of grit and texture to the chorus, I might have been tempted to nudge that a bit higher in the mix but it works well as it is

We’re back the verse and chugging along again with those cheeky little bass runs, before another biiig chorus and and then an outro section starting with a big fat slowed down almost doom sounding stomper of a riff that sounds like evil, but that only lasts for a few bars before the song drops to just the bass on its own playing that main riff again before one last run of the band locking in and blasting it out sounding bigger than ever before, just to make sure that riff is stuck in your head, there’s space and time for the guitarist to let rip on a solo that isn’t too much of a departure from the main riff bit adds nicely to it before bringing the song to a close.

This song has quite a lo-fi production to it with a lot of low end to the sound giving it that typical stoner rumbling feel as it chugs along in the verses and a big feel when it hits the chorus, it works. Its a good tune this if you like your rock of the stoner variety, its riffy, its fuzzy, its got big pounding drums and it sounds like it should be played in a dark room with long hair flying about the place. I’ve also had that main riff going round in my head for most of the day after listening to it so that’s gotta say something really. Good work boys, hopefully I’ll catch you live again soon.

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