Heavy on the Ride – Single Review

Heavy on the Ride – Cheshire cat grin

Heavy on the ride, good band, big dark sound. This is the first new song they’ve released in about 5 years apparently and they’ve done a bloody good job with it.

Recorded at sonic one studios in the more than capable hands of Tim Hamill the sound of this can only be described in one way HUUUUUUUUGE, big fat drums, thick guitars that still have some bite to them and plenty of low end filled in with the bass.

The song starts of with a sort of staccato version of the main riff, I was gonna say that eases you in, but that’s not quite the right way of putting it, its more of an awkward tease (in a good way) as to where the rest of the song is gonna go. The song then settles in to its groove nicely with a nice lead guitar part to smooth over the transition before the vocals are introduced with a simple but catchy melody laid nicely on top of the heavy guitars. There’s a nice groove to all this with a bit of a swagger despite the overall heavy and dark sound to it all and it only gets bigger as the song goes on through the “chorus” which seems to be more based round the guitar parts than any big vocal melodies. As the second verse progresses the band play with some subtle little variations in the timings that keep things interesting as the rhythm switches from the more staggered feel of the intro to more of a swinging groove. Once we reach the “middle 8” section, for lack of a better term, the song almost falls in to a looping guitar / bass riff and sort of feels like some sort of decent in to madness only aided by some unusual sounding vocals that remind me a little of the joker from batman, specifically Mark Hamills excellent portrayal in the Arkham series of Batman games for those of you geeky enough to care like me. Eventually the song lands back on a chunky slowed down version of the main riff that just sounds bigger and fatter at this speed as it plays out till the end of the tune.

Overall, this tune sounds great, wonderfully produced, well put together, dark and powerful sounding with great groove and feel to it. Its definitely the darker sounding side of rock, but in the best way it can be, go check out Heavy on the Ride.

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