Heavy on the Ride 10th anniversary show

The Bunkhouse – 08/6/19

So I’m back at the bunkhouse to watch another great line up of Local(ish) bands for Heavy on The rides 10th anniversary show, I remember seeing them in their early days so this band completing a decade of existence, whilst an impressive feat in this day and age, doesn’t half make me feel old. Still, I had a good feeling about this gig.

First band up on tonight’s four band Line up are The Fens, a simple 2 piece band consisting of a Guitarist / vocalist and a drummer, there’s more and more of these 2 piece bands popping up these days, some good, some bad, The fens are definitely the later. These boys got some good grooves and a little bit of midi trickery to add the low end rumble making sure they still have a big fat sound. They sounded quite 90’s alternative rock / indie at some points to me but that was broken up with some good riffing and some solid beats laid down very well by the drummer, Keep and eye out for these guys and catch them live when you get the chance.

Don Juan were next band up, this 4 piece band from Bristol have a few more atmospheric moments and worked the dynamic between these lighter but no less intense parts and heavier more energetic sections well giving choruses a real impact when they kick in. these guys sound like they’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of feel they want to create with the music, they’ve gone for a big rock sound with a big contrast between the lows and highs and pulled it off well.

Third band up was one I’ve heard the name of a few times but never managed to catch live, French Alps Tiger, from Cardiff (I think) these guys remind me of what would be called “college rock” back in the 90’s, bands like The Pixies. there’s plenty of energy in the music with pumping bass lines and drums that drive things along at a good pace, with a more “jangly” guitar sound and less heavy than most of the other bands tonight (not that its a bad thing of course) and pacey vocals finishing the vibe. Good stuff

Finally we have our headliners for the night Heavy on the Ride. As I said earlier I’ve known this band and been listening for most of the 10 years they’ve been going (again, thanks for making me feel old boys) they always impress me, always massive sounding across the board. The easy comparison to make is to say they sound a bit like queens of the stone age and that is pretty accurate too and a reference most people will get so I’m gonna run with it. Heavy, noisy and with a bit of swagger is what these boys do, it always strikes me as good music to drive to, in equal parts suited to a summer drive round the Gower and a late night drive home down the motorway. There’s catchy melodies but the overall feel is Dark and powerful, its a nice blend between the two. Tonight they’re on good form and you can tell they’re well rehearsed, tight and locked in with some nice musical segways between some of the songs, these guys are a good live outfit that you really should go check out

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