FoxSleep – #EP03 – E.P. Review

This EP dropped in to my inbox a while back, and I’ll admit I’ve been a bit slack getting round to review it, and what with all the craziness that’s been going on in the world lately that didn’t speed things up. Of course now the world seems to have settle in to a state of pause for most people I guess some sense of normality might be good for some people so its about time I cranked the volume and gave this three track EP from FoxSleep a good listen.

Foxsleep is a solo project and describes himself as “alternative rock with Jazzy inclinations” which on first listen is a pretty accurate description I’d say, of course when he says Jazzy its not exactly bright shiny jazz chords, which is what I think when someone says jazz – well that, brass instruments and weird timings – this is odd minor chords, I guess closer to a sort of Gypsy jazz influence. Anyway, opening track “Trail of Destruction” comes crashing in with some of those “Jazzy” chords in a nice attention grabbing way and then settles quickly in to a n easy catchy melody for the verse where it definitely sways more to a gentle alternative rock vibe, its got a nice groove to it that goes along at a strutting sort of pace till it hits the chorus, which has a really effective and catchy descending melody, its pretty good so far this tune, its a little bit off kilter and little bit odd sounding – that’ll be the jazzy influences – however, its done in all the right ways to make it interesting without going too far and putting people off, the middle eight of this song adds a nice boost in energy to the song, it certainly takes things up a notch as well before dropping out to a nice vocal / guitar section, as any regular readers – if they exist- will know I’m a big fan of well used dynamics and this is a good example, its a great opening tune this. Good work

We’re on to the second track “Elsewhere” which is a bit less upbeat than our opener, it kicks off in a slightly weird timing for the intro which is good and interesting, but it quickly settles in to a straighter groove mostly pushed by the guitars which the vocals to sit over nicely. It almost reminds me of Weezer a bit this song, it lifts nicely as the chorus hits and there’s some good backing vocals that certainly make the chorus sound bigger than the verse without it actually getting any heavier, its a pretty simple tune this one but done well. Every part is used effectively, the guitars are simple but nicely layered, the drums again are simple but keep the feel and groove very effectively and the vocals carry most of the dynamics in this one with one simple vocal part in the verses and some nice layered backing vocals coming in to make the chorus sound much bigger.

Lastly and by no means least, the third and final track of this EP “Walter” is probably the most unusual one, that’s not a bad thing though, this is definitely the one with the more sort of Gypsy Jazz vibes to it, with that sort of “omm pa pa” groove to most of the song – sorry sometimes these things are hard to describe in layman’s terms – its a nice contrast to the other two tracks in terms of feel but still maintains a consistency of sound with the other tracks, the vocals kind of weave their way around the groove till the chorus hits where they are again joined by some nice backing vocals as they get bigger and sort of swing around the groove a bit more, its well done I approve another good tune this one. Its another simple tune layered up nicely but with some interesting little twists in it.

This is a good EP from Foxsleep that I should have listened to sooner, as I said earlier the description of Alternative rock with a jazzy influence is pretty accurate, just think of it as more mellow alternative rock than big heavy guitars. That’s not to say it doesn’t get big at times, just not heavy. Go check out FoxSleep now

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