Pearler – Album Launch Gig

The Bunkhouse – 16/02/19

I like the Bunkhouse its a nice venue, decent size for local and touring bands alike, good layout with a bar and a separate “live room” and a good vibe about the place. I’ve been there a few times before but there was a certain feel about the place tonight, probably because all bands playing this gig are there for one main reason, to have a bloody good time.

I was expecting a night full of big riffs and opening band Fallen Temples kicked things off very much in this spirit smashing in with thundering drums and massive sounding guitars from the word go. They’re more than just guitar riffs though these boys have plenty of groove and feel and know exactly when to do something more interesting with the melody of a song and when to keep it simple, they know how to write this type of music.

Suns of Thunder were up next and if you don’t know what they’re all about where have you been for the last 15 plus years? Suns do they’re thing better than almost anyone else and they’re thing is very much “Riff ‘n’ Groove” I’ve seen these guys a couple of times since Christmas already and I’ve noticed they seem to be developing a bit more intricacy in some of the newer songs, they seem to be having more “fun” with the riffs and melodies in parts and that’s only a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

We have our hero’s for the night up last when pearler take the to the stage as their intro music plays a medley of 80’s TV themes and then the party really begins. Pearler certainly have a slightly darker sound than the other two bands bands tonight musically but its no less triumphant. These guys play it like they mean it and singer / guitarist Steve sings with the conviction of a man that deserves a crowd to preach to. You can tell all these boys have been on a stage or two before as well, confidence on stage is not a thing these boys are short of. To me there’s slight hints of some early to mid 90’s British rock in Pearlers sound as parts of their music start to remind me of bands like the Wildhearts and 3 colours red at their noisiest and most raucus. Pearler are certainly a live force to be reckoned with, if you want riffs, big sing along choruses and a bloody good time go to one of their gigs, as the boys in pearler say……. you know when you’ve had one and this most definitely was one.

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