Craze the Jack – Let it grow

Craze the Jack – Let it Grow – Single review

Now I guess I should start by saying I’m not exactly an expert on hip hop or rap music, that said, I do have an appreciation for a nice groove and a well structured piece of music, and this latest single “Let it Grow” from Craze the Jack has both of those. Craze the jack is a local rapper and producer who I’ve caught live a couple of times over the last few years, usually at events with quite mixed line ups, every time I’ve thought “Well this isn’t my usual kinda thing but it ain’t too bad at all” so when I heard recently he had a new single coming out I thought I’d better give it a listen.

This tune “Let it Grow” is quite a laid back affair really its starts of with just an acoustic guitar and some simple but effective bluesy lead guitar before the vocals come in and, like I said, I’m no Rap aficionado but rhythm and groove I can talk about and this delivery has plenty of that with some nice inflections at the right points that gives his words that realism and rawness his online bio describes him having. Even with that edginess to the delivery the lyrics still feel quite positive to me, which makes a nice change from a lot of music in this genre.

The chorus has a nice hook to it that’ll stick with you and has an easy sing along feel, it helps a lot that the drum groove doesn’t even really kick in till the chorus hits which certainly gives it some oomph when it kicks in and the sparse use of that main groove, its mostly just in the chorus, adds to the overall laid back feel of the tune and gives the vocals plenty of room to ebb and flow through the verses which they do well.

Its a good piece of music this. Its a simple laid back tune for the most part, but its not as easy to get that feel as Craze the Jack makes it sound so credit to him there. He’s worked the dynamics well putting this song together, it sounds bigger when it needs to, leaves space when it needs to and has some interesting touches of texture going on at points, I’m not sure I’d have been bold enough enough to put what sounds like pan pipes in that chorus, but it works, so I’d have been wrong. Good work from Craze the Jack here, go give it a listen

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